Who We Are

SmarterHQ is a multi-channel behavioral marketing platform that helps marketers make sense of customer data. We help you create a personalized experience for each and every customer by tracking and measuring their engagement with your brand across channels - all while leveraging your existing technologies and resources.


You worry about your margins, customer attrition, tuning marketing spend, and optimizing AOV. Let us take the worry away.

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Simply put, it’s the easiest, most complete, most advanced personalized marketing platform...ever.

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Learn firsthand with testimonials, case studies and use cases how we are changing our clients' businesses.

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Smarter Clients

Industry Recognition

SmarterHQ –and the clients we serve–have won a lot of awards. We have been recognized in a number of areas: our leadership, our retail domain expertise, our digital marketing savvy, our customer intelligence solution, our service excellence and more.