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Captivate Each and Every Customer.

Maximize conversions and increase customer lifetime value.

We make it easy for brands to automate web and email personalization by responding to individual customer interactions in real-time.

Launch essential behavioral campaigns quickly and easily.

Other solutions cut corners to speed up integration at the expense of campaign performance. We move quickly because of our pre-existing integrations with your current technology, making campaign launch easy and fast, but with industry-leading results.

Create a foundation for future growth.

When you’re ready to do more, you can simply keep going. Because we offer unlimited campaigns, you can become increasingly more refined in how you segment and communicate with your audience, improving conversion and customer experience consistently over time.

Improve conversion by tying your email and website together.

By echoing your email content on your website, we improve the likelihood of conversion and help you deliver a better customer experience. Our website transformations leverage the same audience segments that power your email, so there’s no extra work.

That's how we power the most effective campaigns in the industry.


17% higher revenue per email for SmarterHQ triggered campaigns compared to the industry average.


SmarterHQ customers that go beyond basic campaigns generate $3 revenue per email.

Disclaimer: These results are typical. See the proof

Featured Customer

SmarterHQ has helped increase our email marketing revenue by creating a fast track to employing personalized marketing tactics in our program. We’re able to recognize the benefits immediately, with minimal effort, while building out our grander personalized marketing strategy.

Nathan Casey / Director, Loyalty Programs & Relationship Marketing

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