Customer Success

Finish Line and JustFab in the Running for eTail’s Best-in-Class Award


Worldwide Business Research has announced the finalists for the Etail Best-in-Class Awards, and both Finish Line and JustFab are in the lineup in the email category! What do Finish Line and JustFab’s award-worthy email campaigns have in common? SmarterHQ of course! The Best in Class...


4 Priorities for Retail Marketers in 2017


Ah, December. When holiday sales are in full swing, Q4 is coming to an end, and retail marketers are finalizing their strategies for 2017. Feeling...


SmarterHQ Expands Product Recommendation Capabilities


New features enable marketers to automate curated and personalized products to consumers using behavioral marketing software INDIANAPOLIS (March...


SmarterHQ Real-Time Personalization Technology Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Oracle Cloud customers can now leverage SmarterHQ to segment, target and personalize marketing campaigns in real-time.INDIANAPOLIS,...

Predictive Analytics

Product Recommendations from the Eyes of a Data Scientist


Hey guys, Casey Barwell here. As a part of the Data Science team at SmarterHQ, I’ve been working closely on our most recent product launch—...

Smarter Spotlight

Smarter Spotlight: 3 Pro Tips for a Personalized Welcome Series


Last week on Smarter Spotlight, we discussed how to optimize your website for conversion using Geo-targeting. This week, we’re going to talk first...

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