How Adding Context to Marketing Improves Conversion and Loyalty

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with Rebecca McAdams, Email Innovation Expert with Forrester

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Rebecca McAdams
Email Innovation Expert with Forrester

Casey Baksa
Communication Director with SmarterHQ

When is it...

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What's it about...

This webinar focused on the business impact of adding context to your email and online marketing initiatives. Forrester Consulting recently released a study around the Total Economic Impact of SmarterHQ. This study examined the ROI SmarterHQ delivered for four long-time customers which resulted in a 667% ROI and 15% revenue lift. 

What you'll learn...

  • The results of Forrester's Total Economic Impact study on SmarterHQ and what it means for marketers.
  • How Golfsmith used SmarterHQ to drive immediate revenue lift, and continues to leverage the technology