Hyper-Personalization Strategies & Tactics for 2017

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with Rory Carlyle, Manager of Content Marketing, Liveclicker

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Rory Carlyle
Manager of Content Marketing, Liveclicker

Kristen Hamerstadt
Director or Marketing, SmarterHQ

When is it...

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What's it about...

Join us for an in-depth look at real-time marketing personalization and how to achieve success with contextual marketing technology. Learn how behavioral, location, device, software and time-based data can be leveraged to create hyper-personalized communication opportunities online and in the inbox. See examples of successful, hyper-personalized email campaigns and more.

What you'll learn...

  • Why hyper-personalized campaigns are the future of marketing
  • How behavioral data can be captured and utilized in real-time
  • Where personalization data is best used for real-time messaging
  • Who is using real-time personalization successfully in the inbox and beyond
  • What types of contextual data can be used in the inbox