Aaron Dempsey
Loyalty Member
Frequently purchases Nike shoes
Send "Nike Special Event" email
Matt Tyner
New Visitor
Began Home Mortgage application
Send "Form Abandonment" email
Robyn Tyner
High Value Customer
Repeat Gucci Bag Purchaser
Show "Gucci Promotions" on Website
Michael Osborne
Returning Customer
Purchased Weber Grill In-Store
Send "Weber Registration" email
Kara Holthaus
Loyalty Member
Left online shopping cart
Send "Loyalty Abandonment" email
Katie Mueller
Returning Customer
Browsed Kate Spade totes
Send "Low Inventory" email
Steven Tracy
New Visitor
About to leave the website
Trigger "Email Collection" modal
Marc Hedlund
Returning Customer
In-store Purchase
Send "Post Purchase" email
Barry Clark
Rewards Member
Booked vacation to Naples, FL
Show "Top Naples Destinations" website content
Dean Abbott
Disengaged Customer
Visiting website for first time in 9 months
Show "Welcome Back" website content
Tom Ellis
Returning Customer
Browsed Men's Atheltics
Send "Browse Abandonment" email
Steve Mezzacapo
New Customer
In-store Purchase
Send "Post Purchase Welcome" email
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SmarterHQ makes it easy to increase revenue now and customer relationships over time by powering highly personalized, cross-channel experiences.

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Sean Duffy
VP of Customer Loyalty and Contact Strategy, Bloomingdale's
400%increase in revenue
"SmarterHQ has enabled us to deliver our customers with truly individualized experiences that drive great business results. With their behavioral marketing platform, we can quickly execute highly targeted and personalized campaigns that are useful and relevant to our customers as they engage with our brand."
Aaron Buchanan
Digital Personalization Manager, Finish Line

How it works

With our one step setup, you’ll have the power to automate personalized interactions based on any customer behavior across channels. All with just a click of a button.

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2 month
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