5 Ways to Supercharge Email & Onsite Conversions

with Lin Wang, VP of Strategy & Analytics, Shaw + Scott

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Lin Wang
VP of Strategy & Analytics, Shaw + Scott

Zach Moss
Solutions Engineer, SmarterHQ

What's it about...

More than ever before, consumers are distracted. Today, consumers are connected to an average of eight devices, with that number set to increase to 13 by 2021. For brands, this means it’s no longer a luxury to personalize every interaction with customers. SmarterHQ and Shaw + Scott are partnering on this webinar to show how brands can use behavioral data to create impactful content and messaging in real-time. And the best part? It’s proven to drive ROI.

What you'll learn...

  • How to use consumer behaviors to re-target customers in real-time
  • Pushing the impulse to compel customers to convert faster
  • Lowering the hurdle to make it easier for customers to engage
  • Easy ways to implement these into your current email and onsite marketing strategy.