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11 Holiday Tips for Triggered Email Marketing

It’s that time of year again. With Black Friday approaching in a few short days, Cyber Monday to follow shortly after, and 44% of consumers planning to spend more this year than last, marketers must put their best foot forward when planning their holiday email strategy.

As a gift to you this season, we’ve listed 11 essential triggered email campaigns with exclusive holiday tips to get you in front of the right shoppers at the right time.

1.  Cart Abandonment

During the holidays, your customers will be inundated with offers and promotions. Lead with your best offer in the first abandonment drip so your email doesn’t get lost in their inboxes.

2.  Checkout Abandonment

Understand the cause of customer abandonment by targeting those abandoning at various steps in the checkout funnel (shipping, payment, promo code) and message accordingly.

3.  Category/Brand Browse Abandonment

Create custom groupings of products based on holiday merchandising and site strategy in order to maximize revenue from gift shoppers.  For example, gift guides (for him, her, price point, etc.) would be helpful for your holiday shoppers.

4.  Product Browse Abandonment

Not every product that’s viewed is a gift for others.  Self-gifting should be encouraged and Product Browse campaigns are a perfect opportunity to inspire the shopper to treat him or herself.

5.  Welcome Series

Make your Welcome Series longer with more touches during the holiday season because these shoppers will require nurturing when the holidays are over.

6.  Price Reduction Alerts

Consider using Price Reduction Alerts after peak holiday season, too.  Due to excess inventory and additional sales at the end of the year, this campaign could play a major role in your post-holiday strategy.

7.  Back-In-Stock

Back-In-Stock Notifications are a great opportunity for retailers to capture those post-season buyers who were looking for an item in-season, but couldn’t complete the purchase because the item was out-of-stock.

8.  New Product Alerts

New Product Alerts are best used at the beginning and at the end of holiday season.  This allows frequent buyers to preview what’s new, and it gives procrastinating shoppers an easy view of what’s trending.

9.  Sale Notifications

During the holidays, everything is on sale, so this shouldn’t be your primary campaign.  Sale Notifications are great for key holiday promotional initiatives such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last chance shopping windows.

10.  Disengaging Customer

 Don’t mistake seasonal shoppers for disengaging customers.  Some people only buy during holiday season, but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely disengaged with your brand.  This is an important distinction. 

11.  Product Replenishment

Product Replenishment notifications are perfect for seasonal shoppers. Take this opportunity to remind them of what they purchased the previous year in case they want to buy it again. 

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