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4 Pro-Tips to Using Year-Over-Year Data to Create Loyal Customers

70% of Millennials are frustrated with receiving irrelevant emails. Personalizing your communications to individuals is crucial to continue to engage and convert customers. In the past, brands could get by with mass marketing based on the collective pulse of the consumer, but, today, collecting and understanding as much as you can about each customer is crucial for success. And today, I’m sharing my 4 favorite ways that brands can utilize data from a year ago to create some of the most impactful messages possible.

I know what you’re thinking - a year's worth of data? Most brands only retain behavioral data from 4-6 months back (if they're lucky). With the right behavioral marketing platform, you should be able to access behavioral data from at least the last 12 months. Having that long term snapshot allows the marketer to uniquely message based on holidays, annual vacations, product servicing, new products, and product replenishment.

Holiday & Gift Buyers

From valentine’s day to black friday, holidays are the busiest and most important time of the year for many brands. Gift shoppers business is crucial to a successful season. Identify shoppers who only purchase items during routine times of the year. No need to over market to these individuals throughout the year, as they’re unlikely to convert until it’s time to buy a gift again. Message these shoppers unique product recommendations based on past purchases or category affinity to help make their decisions more quickly.

Pro-Tip: For these buyers, it’s crucial to make it easy for them to complete the transaction- just one or two clicks. These shoppers prioritize convenience over anything else. Don’t provide a promo code as they are already likely to purchase.

That One (or two) Time of Year Event

You customers may only take a vacation once or twice a year. Or they may only shop with your brand during a key sales event. Would you really want to go to Las Vegas again when you were just there a month or 6 months ago? While my VP of Sales, Jack Kusner, would argue - yes! I would argue - no. Jack and I are completely different in how we view Vegas vacations. Message to Jack throughout the year to hit him up for his next trip. Message to me only a couple times throughout the year especially as it gets closer to this time last year that I took that Vegas vacation.

Pro-Tip: Identify these shoppers and utilize campaign suppressions. You don’t want these annual shoppers to disengage from your brand because of over marketing.

Product Servicing

Congrats! A customer bought something from your brand. Don’t let that be the end of your revenue stream. Notify these buyers when they should clean, tune up, or service their products. For example, how many times have you really cleaned your Keurig? This is a great opportunity to continue to up-sell. It’s one reason why brands such as Casper are performing so well - they have one product that they have built a whole nurturing and educational series around that builds brand affinity and loyalty.

Pro-Tip: Be direct in your messaging. You’ll want to make sure your customers understand why they should take action. Keep margins high by not providing a promo code on first or second email drip, as you can get these customers to convert quickly.

New Products & Replenishing

Let’s face it, some products don’t need to be bought frequently. You only buy electronics, mattresses, household items, sporting gear, and much more every couple of years. Don’t continue to annoy your customers with products they already own. From our recent consumer report, 81% of people only want to receive 0-3 emails from your brand per month. Don’t waste it. Notifying these people on when to buy their next item at the appropriate time interval removes any obstacles from the customer’s path and creates loyalty with consistency.

Pro-Tip: Entice buyers to purchase by touting new features and explaining why they should replace their current item. Make it easy for your customer to complete the transaction. The convenience of this process will convert your customer from a shopper to a subscriber.

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