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Five Behavioral Marketing Campaigns for Quick ROI

Website and email are usually the first touchpoints customers have with a brand, so it’s crucial to make a lasting first impression. By transforming web experiences in real time and automating consistent, relevant messages through email, marketers can convert shoppers faster and keep them coming back.

When launching a new email or web campaign, the time and effort that go into working on the messaging, creative, strategy, and segmentation can be significant. Here are a few campaigns we recommend to make a return on your investment as quickly as possible:

Cart Abandonment          

Traditionally, the ‘first step’ in the SmarterHQ campaign playbook, our cart abandonment campaigns, capture site visitors who have added to their basket but have not completed the purchase. These campaigns compel the visitor to return to the the site to complete a purchase by showcasing the products they’ve carted.  For these campaigns, it is imperative that the messaging and creative are clean and concise, with the campaign send shortly after the visitor abandons their cart. Follow up drips often include a promotion or offer. For some additional thoughts and ways to move beyond this step, keep reading and check out our 5 Step Guide to Moving Beyond Cart Abandonment.

Cart Threshold Using SmarterHQ for Web

This is a great first step for utilizing our web personalization tool, SmarterHQ for Web, and an excellent compliment to a cart abandonment campaign. Generally combined with an offer for free shipping, the campaign is designed to increase average order value by highlighting the current cart total in relation to a specific promotion or offer. These campaigns display a personalized message on the cart or checkout page that shows the total value of the items the visitor has currently carted, indicating how close they are to reaching the promotional value or milestone. With minimal set up, cart thresholds are easily repeatable and the value of the threshold can be adjusted according to promotional or marketing calendar guidelines.

Mop Up Campaigns

“Mop up” campaigns are email campaigns aligned with a sale or promotion, with messaging designed to communicate a sense of urgency around returning to purchase items carted or browsed before the promotional period ends. We’re seeing the average revenue per email delivered is $1.20, with a 49% open rate and 12% click rate.

Generic Product Browse

Another early step in using the SmarterHQ platform, these ‘all encompassing’ product browse campaigns target visitors who have viewed any products on the site, sending a message showcasing the products browsed. Campaigns can also incorporate products featured using our Merchandiser or Product Recommendation tools to increase incentive to return to the site and shop further.

Category and Product Browse

More targeted than the generic product browse, these campaigns focus on visitor interactions with a particular brand or category line. For example, the visitor views handbags, thus the messaging received is focused on the handbag product line or category. The audience can be segmented out by interaction level. For these campaigns, we’ve seen revenue per email delivered at $0.46, with an 18% open rate and 12% click.

Retailers  using  our  platform  are  looking  to  increase  revenue through their email campaigns and on their eCommerce website. Our  behavioral marketing platform  makes  it  easy  for brands  to  set-up both  automated  emails  and  website  experiences  that  are  so relevant,  so personalized  they  create  valuable,  lifelong  customers that drive increased revenue. To see more email campaigns, check out our Email Marketing Playbook or request a demo today.