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8 StoreFront Campaigns to Unify the Customer Experience

The modern, hyper-connected shopper is often deprived of a unique customer experience. With consumers doing much of their shopping across multiple channels, customers receive inconsistent and unrelated messages that make them feel overwhelmed and unappreciated. Instead of being rewarded for their cross-channel shopping habits, customers are receiving inconsistent messages such as cart-abandonment notifications for items they picked up in store last week. To avoid this inaccuracy, brands need to stop treating in-store and online channels as two separate experiences, but as one united StoreFront.

Earlier this month, we introduced our new StoreFront edition, enabling brands to do exactly that. Retailers can now automate real-time personalized marketing by leveraging both online and offline behavioral and transactional data.  With StoreFront, it’s easier than ever to captivate each and every customer with relevant, personalized messaging – regardless of where they shop.

With StoreFront, you can get your marketing strategy on the right track—resulting in consistent marketing and valued customers. Take a look at our new campaigns now enabled with StoreFront:

  • Smarter Abandonment: If your customer abandons their shopping cart online but purchases in-store, you don’t want to bombard them with cart abandonment alerts.  Instead, they should be thanked for their purchase.  With StoreFront, you can combine behavioral and in-store data to create a holistic view of your customer and ensure they’re receiving the correct message.
  • Cross-Channel Welcome: Say your customer’s first purchase was a pair of jeans in-store. The following week they purchase a belt online.  After their second purchase, they receive a welcome message. Eh, awkward, considering they spent $250 on a pair of jeans in-store the previous week—shouldn’t they be welcomed to your brand from their first interaction? With StoreFront, you can link in-store transactions and online shopping history to guarantee a unified experience and a smarter welcome series.
  • In-Store Post Purchase: A loyal customer purchases bedroom furniture in-store without receiving a post-purchase email thanking and acknowledging the purchase, while recommending similar or complementary products.  The retailer misses out on an upsell opportunity, and the customer feels unappreciated.  With StoreFront, retailers can use post-purchase emails to honor the purchase, category and brand of the item purchased.  It’s also a great way to convert in-store only shoppers to online shoppers, and customize product-offer messaging based on their previous purchase.  A win-win.
  • Online Window Shoppers: One of your customers regularly checks your website for new shoes; however, they prefer to try on the shoes before completing the purchase in-store.  You don’t want this customer to receive sale notifications on shoes they already purchased.  It’s important to make the distinction between customers who research an item on-line but complete the purchase in-store, and those that are simply window-shopping.  With StoreFront, you can ensure your brand’s messaging and call-to-action are accurate in order to convert browsers into purchasers.
  •  Cross-Channel Development: Some of your most valuable customers may be unaware of a new nearby store location, so they complete all of their purchases online. StoreFront will allow you to identify people who are only shopping online, offline or both.  Therefore, you can customize your campaigns to convert all customers to omnichannel shoppers—allowing them to shop wherever is most convenient for them rather than wherever is most familiar to them.
  • Channel Attrition Risk: Once-loyal customers are trickling away from your brand. With StoreFront, you can begin to identify if someone has stopped shopping online, in-store or both.  By creating smarter, targeted messaging, you can engage these customers to drive them to become omnichannel purchasers again.
  • Targeting by Location: If you’re delivering a cold weather experience to someone in the north, and you know he or she is fond of knit hats, don’t simply show warm clothes; show your coolest knit hats.  With StoreFront, you can deliver a personalized experience by transforming your website in real time to reflect products that are sensible for that customer based on his or her location and the time of year.
  • Web Purchaser Who Returns Everything in Store: You find out one of your most valuable website shoppers is returning 9 out of 10 items they purchased online back to the store.  Identifying someone who looks like a high value customer online but then returns everything in store is a difficult, but important distinction.  With StoreFront, you can unify data to make sure you aren’t offering VIP treatment to those spending a lot less than it looks like based on a single location.