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A 5-Step Guide to Moving Beyond Cart Abandonment

Seven out of ten online shopping carts are left abandoned. This means abandonment presents a massive opportunity for brands to reengage shoppers and capitalize on unclaimed revenue. Many brands have recognized this opportunity and currently deploy some form of cart abandonment campaign. However, as we find with most of our new customers, there’s a ton of room for improvement and growth.

Enter our 5-Step Guide to Moving Cart Abandonment. Our latest whitepaper presents five simple steps to optimizing your current cart abandonment program, then building upon it. While a basic triggered cart abandonment campaign is a critical first step, if it’s all you’re running, you’re still missing out on a lot of opportunities for reengagement.
Download our guide for free, and learn:

  • How to increase recurring revenue by reaching more abandoners
  • How to personalize based on why people abandoned (and improve conversion as a result)
  • How to use behavioral data to improve the customer experience for abandoners

73 percent of consumers say they prefer to do business with brands who personalize, yet only 10 percent of brands say they’re personalizing well. If you’re part of the 90 percent, now is the perfect time to move beyond cart abandonment. Download our guide and get started.