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A Recipe for Happy Holidays: Six Must-Have Campaigns for Marketers

With back-to-school and Labor Day in the rearview, the time for a swift pivot to holiday planning is upon us. According to the National Retail Federation, the initial holiday outlook is positive. The catch, of course, is that the higher projections climb, the greater the expectations surrounding revenue for your business become. In addition to the natural pressures holiday season places on retailers, drastic changes in shopper behavior require altering your approach to cross-channel conversion.

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As you develop your overarching omni-channel holiday strategy, here are six campaign types that will help you place the fate of your company’s holiday performance squarely in your team’s hands.

  1. Price and Inventory Alerting: When it comes to price and inventory fluctuation, there’s no more volatile time of year than holiday season. Speed up your average time to conversion by delivering communication to customers that automatically alerts them when items with which they’ve engaged drop in price and/or availability. This approach can be used to supplement almost any campaign type.
  2. Sale Mop-Ups: In the most discount-heavy time of year, ensure your promotions are top-of-mind with your high value customers. As holiday promotions near their end, automatically message to customers who have engaged with products that qualify them for a specific deal, and enhance your content with personalized product retargeting.
  3. Promo Code Issue Resolution: Don’t lose important customers because they’re experiencing a persistent (but easily fixable) issue when attempting to use a promo code. Create a campaign that leverages modeling to automatically recognize when someone is experiencing an issue with a promo code and immediately deploy messaging that helps them complete their purchase.
  4. Gift Guide Engagement: Identify and uniquely message to shoppers who engage heavily with products featured as part of your holiday gift guide. Supplement your content with additional merchandised products based on each shopper’s behavior.
  5. Model-Fueled Campaigns: Holiday site traffic makes delineating between serious shoppers and casual visitors difficult. Remove guesswork from the equation by leveraging models to identify and incentivize conversion for customers at their peak levels of engagement.
  6. Year-Over-Year Reengagement: The truth is there are some folks your brand may not see more than once per year (holiday season). Nonetheless, these seasonal shoppers can provide a critical boost to your bottom line as you work to hit holiday numbers. Deploy tailored messaging to shoppers who engaged with your brand the same time last year to increase the likelihood that they return again.

To learn more about how you can light up your cross-channel holiday strategy, contact us or request a demo. If you missed it, learn what Labor Day can teach marketers about holiday season.