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Behavioral Marketing Campaigns to Win Cyber Week 2017

Brands are beginning to set up holiday interactions and triggers to engage customers in more personalized, unique ways than ever before. And, it’s a step that shoppers say they want. According to our millennial survey, more than 70% of shoppers want retail brands to use their browsing and purchasing data if it means they’ll receive more engaging, individualized content.

This holiday season, make sure your brand is using the following campaigns to maximize revenue and customer loyalty for an even better 2018. And while you are at it - check out the biggest email marketing wins from this holiday season in our upcoming webinar with MovableInk  on December 7th to see all the results from this year’s Cyber Week.

Cart, Checkout and Browse Abandonment

Shoppers are overwhelmed with the amount of information and brand notifications they receive, especially when everyone is targeting them for holiday sales. Make it easy for shoppers by sharing your best offer first as a product abandonment drip so it doesn’t get lost. You can also target customers at various points in the checkout process such as shipping or payments, to make sure each and every customer converts to a happy purchase. Finally, encourage shoppers this holiday season to gift themselves! You can trigger sale notifications or a promo code to a shopper who only browses a specific product but doesn’t add it to a cart.


Your brand can capture buyers who may have visited your onsite or in-store location but didn’t make a purchase on a specific product because it wasn’t available in stock. Instead of shedding post-holiday tears, send them a notification in real-time as soon as the product becomes available again. Not only will you have a happy customer, but you’ll also increase your revenue from a potential lost purchase.

Price Reduction Alerts

Maybe you’ve got excess inventory now that everything is back in stock. More than 60% of millennials enjoy shopping when a sale is happening. Furthermore, price drops are exceptionally helpful even after the Cyber Week is over to match shoppers with products they were browsing anyway.

Typically the holiday season and Black Friday brings the biggest sales, so this shouldn’t be a primary choice during Cyber Week 2017 but it is a great way to share “last chance” shopping windows or promotional initiatives.

New Product Alerts & Mop-ups

After Cyber Week has calmed, don’t forget those procrastinators. Your most loyal customers can catch up on what’s new and encourage the 30% of millennials that consider themselves always on the hunt for a bargain.

Mop-up campaigns can enable brands to “mop-up” the customers who shopped but didn’t make a purchase, or those who left things in abandoned carts. “Mop up” campaigns are generally aligned with a sale or promotion that promotes a sense of urgency before the promotion ends. We’ve seen average revenues per email delivered at $1.20, and open rates at 49%!

Specific campaigns targeted at behaviors and interactions customers have with your website can not only increase revenue, but it tells your customers you’re listening to them! It's no longer possible to tackle the data alone. As behavioral marketing platforms like SmarterHQ gather more insights and data about how your shoppers, it makes it easier to create more complex triggers that really make an impact. 

If you aren’t already using SmarterHQ, take a look at how we helped brands make a big splash last holiday season before our MovableInk webinar December 7th.