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Bloomingdale's Dresses Up Their Sophistication With SmarterHQ

This success story was last updated on February 19, 2019. 

With 95% of consumers admitting to doing other things while shopping, it’s critical for retailers to leverage innovative strategies to keep shoppers focused and engaged. For Bloomingdale’s, this means creating highly personalized experiences their customers can’t find anywhere else.

Prior to working with SmarterHQ, Bloomingdale’s used a homegrown program combining Coremetrics data feeds and Cheetah Digital’s CheetahMail to power their email marketing program. Bloomingdale’s sought the help of SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform to increase reach and conversion with their existing emails and to power new, sophisticated campaigns. In their early adoption of SmarterHQ, Bloomingdale’s launched cart abandonment campaigns—and over time have added checkout and browse abandon, onsite email collect modals, sale mop-ups, post-purchase and model-based campaigns, and more, along with site re-engagement.

They’ve also incorporated SmarterHQ’s offline data collection to take their behavioral campaigns to the next level. “It’s not just about a digital footprint,” said Sean Duffy, VP of Contact Strategy, Loyalty, and International Marketing at Bloomingdale’s. “We take any in-store purchases a consumer makes and send them messages based off of those purchases to form a more holistic view of the customer. We also factor in-store purchases into cart abandonment, so we won’t bother a customer with an irrelevant email for an item they already purchased in-store.”

Bloomingdale’s has seen powerful results with SmarterHQ, including a 395% increase in campaign revenue—and SmarterHQ's onsite modal collects 5x more email addresses than their previous solution. Bloomingdale's is confident the partnership will allow them to continue maximizing their customer relationships and results. Duffy added: 

“The email and web campaigns we run with SmarterHQ are undoubtedly some of our most successful marketing campaigns. They’re the last thing that we’d consider cutting from our bottom line.”

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