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Bloomingdale's Dresses Up their Sophistication with SmarterHQ

With hyper-connected shoppers more distracted than ever before, engaging customers in an appropriate and innovative way is pertinent for retailers. For Bloomingdale’s, this means sending automated, personalized messages through email and web.

Prior to working with SmarterHQ, Bloomingdale’s used a homegrown program combining Coremetrics data feeds and Cheetahmail to power their email-marketing program. In order to increase their reach and conversions, Bloomingdale’s sought the help of our behavioral marketing platform to increasingly improve existing campaigns while also powering new, more sophisticated campaigns.

In their early adoption of SmarterHQ, Bloomingdale’s kept their email marketing strategy basic by running cart abandonment campaigns only. Over time, they moved to more sophisticated campaigns like checkout abandonment, browse abandonment, sale preview, sale mop-ups, post-purchase, and email collection lightboxes.

Using our behavioral marketing platform, Bloomingdale’s has seen powerful results. From 2015 to 2016, Bloomingdale’s increased their revenue driven by email campaigns nearly 50%. Not to mention, their current SmarterHQ Email Collection Lightbox is collecting 5x more email addresses than their prior email collection modal.

Bloomingdale’s Operating Vice President of Customer Loyalty and Contact Strategy, Sean Duffy, has a lot to say about SmarterHQ.

“Getting started was easy. We didn’t have to spend time getting our data usable for SmarterHQ - they collected it on their own. Within no time we were seeing an increase in conversions, and our behaviorally automated campaigns have only grown more sophisticated over time.”

With the addition of more advanced campaigns and steady improvement in existing campaigns, Bloomingdale’s is confident that SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform will allow them to continue targeting their audience with relevant, personalized messaging.

“The email and web campaigns we run with SmarterHQ are undoubtedly some of our most successful marketing campaigns. They’re the last thing that we’d consider cutting from our bottom line,” said Duffy.

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