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Retailer Increases eCommerce Conversion Rates with SmarterHQ

Blue Moon Digital, Inc., a boutique digital marketing agency in Denver focuses on accelerating eCommerce growth for leading brands and retailers using the right mix of digital marketing activities. More than a year ago, Blue Moon Digital and SmarterHQ developed a partnership to add SmarterHQ’s platform to their retailers’ overall marketing mix. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Blue Moon Digital at eTail West to chat about their use of SmarterHQ and how it has helped them better serve their customers.

“SmarterHQ allows us to understand our customers better,” said Carolyn Meyer, senior email strategist at Blue Moon Digital. “On behalf of our clients, we are able to recognize which pages and products customers are viewing and how they are interacting with sites. That makes us able to target specific groups in a way that is much more relevant.”

Through the integration of SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform with their client’s existing email service provider, Blue Moon Digital has been able to increase open rates 20-50 percent and eCommerce conversion rates 1-15 percent. Blue Moon Digital and their clients have been impressed with the results, stating that they have outperformed results from marketing solutions used in the past.

Carolyn explained that many of Blue Moon Digital’s clients work with cumbersome CRM databases, making it difficult to glean concrete insights and strategies. SmarterHQ makes it possible to weed out excess data and focus on creating highly targeted messages delivered to the right audiences at the right time.

“SmarterHQ allows us to pull offline and online information into a single source of data,” said Robin Glanz, director of email and CRM services at Blue Moon Digital. “This data helps us develop specific messages for various target audiences for our clients.”

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