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Email Service Providers Are Not Always a One Size Fits All

When there are hundreds of email service vendors to select from, and new vendors popping up every year, it can become overwhelming for B2C email marketers to know which combination of solutions will be the right fit to helping them reach their goals. And it’s not as simple as selecting any email service provider (ESP). While ESPs provide a send engine, email subscription lists, pre-made email templates, and reports around deliverability, open and click through data – you begin to quickly realize that it doesn’t always meet every need.

Recently, Rebecca McAdams, Forrester Analyst and email innovation expert, made it easier for marketers to select the top email marketing service providers in her recent “The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q3 2016”.  She found that, even though “companies are heeding the call to become customer-obsessed,” there is still an issue in that “email vendor offerings today are still too polarized to wholly meet email marketer needs.”

Rebecca also wrote the December 2016 report called “When to Choose a Niche Email Vendor” that calls out additional vendor categories that email marketers should consider if they are looking to broaden their email marketing capabilities. Those categories included omnichannel personalization engines, open-time personalization platforms and email content optimization.

Omnichannel Personalization Engines 

This category of vendors is best for “email marketers looking to improve program performance by integrating with other channels.” Differentiations included a large ESP partner network, speed of real-time response to, and secure identity management.

Open-time Personalization Platforms 

This category of vendors is best for email “marketers who want to create contextual emails.” Differentiations include integration with your ESP, out-of-the-box personalization features, and accessible content library.

Email Content Optimization Application 

This category of vendors is best for email “marketers [who are] seeking incremental lift.” Differentiations included ease of set up, support for multiple data formats, and volume of proprietary models.

If you are finding that you are happy with your ESP, but would like additional capabilities to help you reach your goals in real-time response to drive additional revenue, we have a limited time access to Rebecca McAdam’s report “When to Choose a Niche Email Vendor” so that you can see the short list of example ESP vendors that she discusses.