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Finish Line Hits the Ground Running With SmarterHQ

Finish Line is a leading athletic retailer in the U.S., offering a selection of brand name footwear, apparel and accessories. With more than 660 stores in 47 states, their customer dynamic varies far and wide, requiring the retailer to deliver relevant product assortments to their customers according to geographic location. 

To create a personalized experience for their customers, Finish Line needed to leverage SmarterHQ’s Intelligent Site Modals to dynamically change their website content based on the location of the shopper. Because of SmarterHQ's Online Personalization capabilities, in-store events, new store openings, promotions, back-to-school, weather, and sports teams all influence their site content.

“Our success with SmarterHQ has come from really paying attention to what the customer is telling us through their behavior and being considerate of how they engage with the brand across all the channels. From there, we can continue the conversation in the appropriate way," said Aaron Buchanan, Digital Personalization Manager at Finish Line.

Utilizing this campaign has resulted in 2x increase in revenue per session for Finish Line, who can now produce a captivating, individualized experience for their shoppers.

Aaron Buchanan also uses SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform to power campaigns across email. In fact, SmarterHQ programs have driven a 50% increase in triggered email revenue for Finish Line since their adoption.

These email campaigns include:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Checkout Abandonment
  • Category Browse
  • Product Browse
  • Sales Mop-Up
  • Post-Purchase Series
  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • New Products Alerts
  • Loyalty Sign-Up Abandonment
  • Welcome Series
  • Model Based

Though we power only 4% of Finish Line’s total email sends, we’ve increased their Total Email Revenue by 31%. Their confidence in our platform and its results has led Finish Line to adopt new campaigns and continuously grow more sophisticated over time.

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