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Finish Line’s Award-Winning Marketing Campaigns Powered by SmarterHQ

For the last several years, our clients have called the SmarterHQ platform their secret sauce to Smarter marketing. With the platform, they’ve been able to transform their marketing campaigns from basic batch-and-blast to personalized omni-channel messages. Their results are so good that the industry is taking notice and the secret sauce can no longer be contained!

Today, Finish Line accepts the award for Best B2C Email Campaign at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit! By integrating SmarterHQ’s customer intelligence and behavioral marketing into their existing email service provider, Finish Line has been able to identify over 300 advanced customer segments that they can now target with highly personalized messages. The result? They’ve been able to increase their email revenue up to 50%! And it doesn’t stop with email. They’ve been able to extend these customer segments and messages through sophisticated omni-channel marketing campaigns.

In fact, last week Finish Line was also recognized as a finalist for eTail’s best-in-class award because of their omni-channel initiatives. With SmarterHQ, Finish Line was able to incorporate both digital and offline channels by reengaging customers who recently made an in-store purchase. The omni-channel campaign leveraged the affinity the customer had with top-selling brands to deliver personalized emails encouraging shoppers to purchase additional products.
Using a combination of in-store transactional and online profile data, Finish Line was able to identify their shoppers online—even first-time website shoppers—and reengage them with a marketing email that encouraged them to “Complete the Look” with other products.

Results from the program include:

  • Open rates that were 10% higher than typical marketing sends
  • Click rates that were 1.5% higher than typical marketing sends
  • Conversion rate that was 4x higher than other marketing emails
  • Zero unsubscribes

We are thrilled for Finish Line for this well-deserved industry recognition and can’t wait to see how they continue to complete the conversation with their customers in the future.