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Choosing the Right Email Marketing Vendor

Selecting the right email vendor for your marketing stack can make or break your ability to innovate, engage customers, ensure compliance, and drive results via email. But with so many players in the space, it’s increasingly more difficult to figure out which one best suits your needs.

To help streamline the selection process, Forrester recently released their “Now Tech: Email Marketing Vendors” report offering an overview and analysis of 38 top email marketing vendors. The report aims to help B2C marketers understand the value they can expect from an email marketing provider and how to select a vendor based on size and functionality.

Forrester defines the email marketing landscape as: “A group of firms that provides technology to create email messages, optimize email content and design, or deploy email messages for marketing purposes.” Though many email marketing vendors may share core capabilities, the report states that they differ in their quality and ability to:

  • comply with regulatory requirements and protect customer data,
  • innovate with email and cross-channel capabilities, such as web and mobile functionality,
  • and cater to a brand’s business goals, technical resources, and marketing team needs.

Forrester chose the email marketing vendors featured within this Now Tech report based on their market presence and functionality—and SmarterHQ is proud to be included in this list:

The above email vendors were then categorized in the report based on their ability to:

  1. Support enterprise emailers - Vendors who can scale and securely send vast amounts of dynamic emails a month from multiple brands or entities.
  2. Sustain mid-market users - Vendors who have campaign management interfaces that make it easy for smaller firms and non-marketers to create and deploy emails.
  3. Optimize email creative - Vendors who “use advanced in-email functionality or machine learning to optimize message content, offers, or subject lines in emails delivered through ESPs.”

SmarterHQ is included within this third category of vendors, with Forrester also highlighting our focus on supporting retail, financial services, and travel and hospitality brands serving customers around the world. We think what also sets us apart is our ability to simplify the way B2C marketers activate real-time multichannel data, segment audiences based on customer behavior and information, and automate dynamic content across channels—including our integrations with 20+ ESPs and easy implementation without the need for IT.

Shar VanBoskirk, key Forrester analyst for email marketing, concludes the report with a final recommendation to ultimately choose a vendor who will push your marketing forward, allow more time to focus on customer strategy, and solve customer problems through immersive brand experiences. As an example, she adds: “Case in point: SmarterHQ clients choose the vendor in part because it proactively recommends new email approaches to stakeholders.” (Thank you, Shar!)

To learn how SmarterHQ can help you raise the bar in email and behavioral marketing, request a demo.