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Forrester releases vendor landscape for real-time interaction management

Rusty Warner at Forrester authored research on real-time interaction management (RTIM) for B2C companies, identifying three key takeaways that we believe can help brands win in the e-commerce ecosystem. At SmarterHQ, we like to call RTIM behavioral marketing.

Customers in today’s hyperconnected digital world require instant gratification and personalized, contextually relevant communications. More than 70 percent of shoppers in our recent millennial survey were more than happy to share data with brands if it meant they’d also receive more individualized messaging.

In the May 2017 Forrester report, “Vendor Landscape: Real-Time Interaction Management,” we believe Warner shows how creating impactful exchanges with customers isn’t just about serving the right trigger at the right time. In fact, the overall goal for brands to be “customer obsessed” is to “orchestrate self-perpetuating cycles of real-time, two-way, insight-driven interactions with individual customers.”

RTIM covers a wide array of capabilities

Behavioral marketing can address many capabilities that provide different insights and engagements. By having access to various initiatives, B2C marketers can create more complex interactions that are highly unique to each and every shopper.

Map behavioral marketing technology to your current technology stack

Because RTIM vendors specifically create solutions that address your enterprise needs, you’ll find these vendors cover CRM, digital personalization, transactional recommendations, advanced analytics and digital intelligence. As enterprises and brands update tech stacks, it’s imperative to choose solutions that are aligned in a prioritized way. In fact, Salesforce found that by 2020, 51 percent of shoppers expect any communication from you will be catered to them. Because personalization is a top priority for enterprises globally, these are the first solutions you should invest in if you want to compete with industry leaders.

Advance customer obsession with RTIM

This report  reminds us that empowered customers demand a seamless experience, regardless of what channel they use to engage with brands. Deploying appropriate behavioral marketing platforms with capabilities that match your brand’s needs will inevitably allow you to address customers in personalized ways.

Nordstrom classifies its entire team as “customer obsessed and digitally enabled.” This “Age of the Customer” means brands must be customer-centric to be successful today, no matter the industry. Nordstrom advances customer centricity by equipping teams with fully transparent electronic inventory systems, and digital capabilities for customers who visit online or in-store.

Our behavioral marketing platform was slotted in several categories in Forrester’s RTIM report, including online recommendations that offer optimization, personalization, and digital intelligence. As a leader in the industry, we make it top priority to help brands succeed and gain loyal customers easily and efficiently.

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