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Golfsmith Hits the Green with SmarterHQ

With Golfsmith International being the largest specialty golf retailer in the world, customer satisfaction plays an important role in the overall success of the company.  Prior to the holiday season of 2015, however, Golfsmith was experiencing difficulty with their cart abandonment email program and was desperate to fix it before the influx of holiday shoppers.

“We actually had to turn off our previous cart abandonment email program because it was often sending the wrong abandoned cart items to customers who had never actually abandoned,” said Kim Lewis, Vice President of Omnichannel Marketing, Golfsmith.

Golfsmith brainstormed goals they wished to accomplish with a new campaign and collaborated with SmarterHQ to initiate change.  With the help of SmarterHQ, Golfsmith:

  • Started creating and enhancing essential triggered email campaigns based on customer behavior, and
  • Built upon the basics by exploring more focused micro-segments that created the opportunity to message more specifically

Golfsmith saw immediate results.

“We were absolutely amazed, completely blown away, at how quickly we were able to get our program launched. There was tremendous internal skepticism that we could actually launch prior to holiday, but we were up and running and driving incremental revenue in record time. We sent out the very first email, watched with bated breath, and saw our first conversion through our abandoned cart program in less than one minute after the message went out,” said Kim.

With a conversion rate increase of 67 percent and an average order value increase of 11 percent, Golfsmith was thrilled with the timely and relevant communication, as well as its continuity in producing results day after day.

“Part of why this has been so powerful for us is because of the consistent revenue stream it produces while freeing up our internal resources to do other creative things. It really opens up our possibilities of what we're able to do outside of these programs because we know that we can count on them to deliver results."

With the help of SmarterHQ, Golfsmith is able to launch new email triggers quickly to drive phenomenal results. 

To see similar results, learn more about SmarterHQ for Email and request a demo today.