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How to Increase AOV by 24%, and More: The SmarterHQ Lookbook

Brands often ask us “what kind of things can I do with SmarterHQ?” To us, that’s like someone with a blank canvas and a set of art supplies asking, “what can I paint?” The answers are extensive and exciting, and the possibilities are vast. That said, kicking back and dreaming of the possibilities is a far cry from driving immediate revenue and long-term customer loyalty

Enter, the SmarterHQ Lookbook. This easily consumable document unpacks 10 of the most common needs for marketers, and explains how top brands are using our solution to address them. From improving the effectiveness of existing behavioral marketing campaigns to enhancing your loyalty program to increasing the effectiveness of large-scale promotional emails, our Lookbook features real examples and real results to help you plan your marketing strategy with confidence.
A few snapshots of the results top brands are driving with SmarterHQ, to whet your appetite:

  • $7 revenue per email for purchase abandonment programs
  • 55% open rate on browse abandonment emails
  • 24% increase in average order value on mass marketing sends
  • 11% increase in sessions to conversion rate via on-site transformations

Download your free copy here, and see tangible examples of how adding behavioral data to your marketing strategy yields impactful improvements.