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Independent Study Finds SmarterHQ Drives 15% Average Revenue Lift and 667% ROI

SmarterHQ, the leading behavioral marketing technology, has announced the release of The Total Economic Impact™ Of SmarterHQ, a February 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SmarterHQ. The study examines the revenue impact that a composite organization (based on four major retailers) experienced by using SmarterHQ to fuel omni-channel marketing efforts. The study found that, on average, the composite organization achieved the following results over a three-year period:

  • 667% return on investment (ROI)
  • 15% revenue lift
  • 2.6 month payback period

Forrester’s study aimed to examine the potential revenue impact and return on investment retailers may achieve by using SmarterHQ to captivate each and every customer with real-time email and web personalization. To do so, Forrester interviewed four customers with multiple years of experience using SmarterHQ. The organizations included retailers in sporting goods, apparel and accessories, ranging from $10 million to more than $200 million in annual online revenue.

“We believe that Forrester’s findings substantiate and validate the results our customers have achieved for years,” said Michael Osborne, CEO and President of SmarterHQ. “Our customers have consistently used our technology to drive immediate revenue growth and long term loyalty through an improved, personalized customer experience, and we feel that Forrester’s research makes that an irrefutable fact.” 

SmarterHQ is a behavioral marketing technology that combines real-time behavior recognition with historical consumer data to power email and website experiences focused on delivering personalized communications to customers. In addition to Forrester’s top-level findings, the highly regarded research organization found three constants among the brands it interviewed. 

  • Increased conversion rates: By using SmarterHQ, brands replaced existing campaigns and increased conversion 
  • Increased number of focused campaigns: Brands were quickly able to use additional customer data to launch more highly segmented and focused campaigns with minimal level of effort 
  • Increased purchases from repeat customers: Using SmarterHQ to deliver more consistently relevant experiences resulted in increased repeat customers 

Brands participated in Forrester’s study under condition of anonymity, allowing them to divulge detailed performance metrics related to revenue, conversion and profit margin. This allowed Forrester to compile an honest and detailed assessment of SmarterHQ’s true impact on each brand. 

“SmarterHQ provided us with a shortcut to begin executing highly targeted and personalized campaigns for email and web programs,” said an apparel retailer who participated in the study. To download a copy of the full study click here.