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Introducing StoreFront: Captivate Each & Every Customer Regardless of Where They Shop

According to a 2015 study by IDC, omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who only shop in a single channel. Marketing campaigns that drive conversion online and in-store are ideal.  Except that it’s been difficult - almost impossible - for retailers to not just unify their online and offline data, but to create effective marketing campaigns based on real-time data. Because what’s the point of personalizing marketing campaigns if the data is days old? By that time, your shoppers that were browsing items online a week ago, have already purchased the item in-store and wore it yesterday. If only there was an easier way to bring together multi-channel customer data, retailers would have a better way to deliver true personalized marketing...

For the first time, SmarterHQ’s StoreFront makes it easy for retailers to unify online and offline customer activity to personalize marketing campaigns and automate real-time interactions.   Ranging from driving online traffic to stores, in-store post-purchase follow-up, brand attrition risk, and more—it’s now possible for marketers to bring together the physical and digital worlds.

With SmarterHQ’s StoreFront, marketers can:

  • Create audiences in minutes, not days, with your combined order management and website behavioral data
  • Automate email triggers and campaigns based on customer online and offline activity
  • Convert in-store customers to e-commerce customers and drive online customers in-store
  • Predict when and where your customers are going to buy

Using StoreFront, Finish Line has already been able to deliver a unified customer experience and increase their customer’s lifetime value. Scott Posilkin, CRM & Retention Digital Email Strategist for Finish Line, leverages the real-time online and offline transactional and behavioral data to convert more of their in-store only customers to become omni-channel. With SmarterHQ’s marketing engine, he automated in-store post purchase follow-up emails that continue to increase their customer order value.

This is just one example of many campaigns and automations now available to marketers through SmarterHQ’s StoreFront.

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