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Jack Kusner Promoted to VP of Sales

Our very own Jack Kusner, a member of the SmarterHQ team for almost four years now, has been promoted to Vice President of Sales. Previously serving as a Regional Director, he’s eager to take on the responsibilities of his new role.

As the VP of Sales, Jack wants to share the knowledge he’s accumulated over his career to help his team at SmarterHQ exceed their goals. “I plan to build a sales culture that is focused on consistently exceeding goals. The regional directors will treat their territory as their own personal business-- and be held accountable for its success or failure,” says Jack. He notes that with this approach, there will be an immediate focus on building individual pipeline-- helping SmarterHQ continue to  exceed its numbers.

Jack began his sales career in high school, and has a passion for marketing and  technology. He’s consistently been a top performer and exceeded sales goals at companies like Salesforce, ExactTarget, and Adobe. His focus in the marketing tech space over the last 10+ years has allowed him to build strong relationships and clout in the Martech space.

The entire SmarterHQ team is excited to have Jack as a member of the leadership team, to infinity and beyond!

Jack’s Fun Facts:

1. What’s your favorite late night snack? Anything chocolate (not good for a diabetic!)

2. What was your very first job? Cleaned toilets and swept floors for Todd’s Dry Cleaners when I was 11

3. What has been your favorite moment working at SmarterHQ? Closing my first big deal here while I was on spring break with my family.  It was the last day of the quarter, and we had to close the deal with several obstacles to overcome. First, we had a last minute call with their security team (I stood by a bathroom as it was the only quiet space I could find). During that call we learned we had to purchase cyber insurance (we purchased in an hour) and we received approval to move forward around 5pm EST. I went to the Braves/Arizona game that evening and spent the entire time on my laptop trying to track down my client who was on a cruise on the West Coast. We  finally got a hold of him at 8pm est. It was incredible. I knew we had something special when the entire SmarterHQ team pitched in to get this done!