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JustFab Increases Shopper Revenue 28% by Tying Together Online and Offline Experiences

SmarterHQ clients continue to be recognized for their industry-leading marketing programs! Just last week, JustFab was recognized at eTail West as a best-in-class finalist where their entry showcased a sneak peek into what the SmarterHQ platform is capable of delivering for retailers looking to complete conversations with customers through email, onsite or display.

Using SmarterHQ, JustFab was able to target segments for five different versions of their print catalog with promotion consistency through multiple customer touch points: website, mobile, and through the company’s online virtual catalog. Different segments were given different discounts. To measure the incremental impact of the onsite targeted offers, a portion of the print catalog recipients received no discounts. In other words, all five segments were A/B tested with hold-out groups.

Targeting the five print segments with the same offer through other channels resulted in an 8% increase in clicks, an impressive 43% increase in revenue per click, a 32% increase in average order value, and 28% increase in revenue, as compared to the segment that received no reiterated offer through the website, mobile site, or email.