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New SmarterHQ Platform Unites Customer Intelligence and Cross-Channel Marketing

New platform equips retailers with a deep understanding of their shoppers, enabling consistent, meaningful conversations across multiple marketing channels

INDIANAPOLIS (February 17, 2015) — SmarterHQ today unveiled the next evolution of its platform, uniting customer intelligence and cross-channel marketing.

Retailers have long sought to unify their marketing channels to provide consistent messages, offers and promotions to their shoppers, while advancing business-critical goals and opportunities. This goal has rapidly become a mandate as shoppers have begun demanding a customer experience that acknowledges and honors every interaction, whether online or in-store.

Putting shoppers at the center of the conversation, SmarterHQ’s platform provides retailers a full understanding of the relationship shoppers have with a retailer’s brand, from how they shop in brick-and-mortar stores to how they use the brand’s mobile app. SmarterHQ continuously refines the understanding of “who” is doing “what” and “why,” giving retailers the ability to complete the conversations they need to have, while providing shoppers the conversations they want to have.

“Data is only as valuable as the strategic insights you can draw from it and your ability to then act on it,” said Michael Osborne, CEO of SmarterHQ. “Our ability to transform raw data into customer intelligence has long been the driving force in helping our retail partners create deeper, more meaningful connections with their shoppers primarily through online sales channels. Today, we’re taking the next evolutionary step by empowering retailers to unite customer data within online and offline sales channels to gain value and knowledge in ways never before possible.”

Some of the nation’s largest retail brands have been using a beta version of the new SmarterHQ platform to produce award-winning campaigns that demonstrate the power of leveraging customer intelligence to complete a unified omni-channel marketing conversation.

“Every shopper who visits our website and mobile site, is someone trying to have a conversation with our brand,” said Aaron Buchanan, digital personalization manager at Finish Line. “SmarterHQ has enabled us to complete those conversations, while recognizing the people we are speaking with, no matter when or where they are shopping. Diving deeper into customer intelligence allows us to answer questions we previously could not, including, ‘what is this shopper’s value?’ ‘Where did they come from?’ ‘What information have they shared with us throughout their lifetime as a customer?’”

The SmarterHQ platform not only unites marketers’ existing digital marketing ecosystem, but also enriches these existing investments by providing channel-specific offer optimization, integrated merchandising and closed-loop marketing support.

“Our platform grows with our retailers,” said Angel Morales, co-founder and chief innovation officer for SmarterHQ. “If they want best-in-class triggered email, we can start there. The minute they want to use those same segments for real-time website personalization, or to enhance existing display efforts, SmarterHQ can flip a switch and that conversation can go omni-channel. It allows us to remain true to one of our most critical core values: ‘attainable innovation.’”