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Omni Hotels Books Behavioral Marketing (and More Customers) With SmarterHQ

According to TripAdvisor, 59% of travelers begin researching their next trip between one and three months before departure. During the trip-planning process, Nielsen reports that travelers spend an average of 53 days visiting 28 different websites over a period of 76 online sessions.

That’s a whole lot of browsing. It also means today’s hyper-connected travelers face a whole lot of indecisiveness and distraction—from the plethora of to-do’s popping up in their everyday routines, to all of the noise generated by brands vying for their attention. In addition, online travel agencies (basically the Amazons of the travel and hospitality industry) are the go-to one-stop shop for comparing deals and booking trips, making it even harder for brands like Omni Hotels & Resorts to compete.

“Booking lifecycles are a lot longer than consumer goods lifecycles because of considerations like cost and the time between when they book and when they actually stay,” explained Chris Killough, Senior Manager of Email Marketing for Omni Hotels. “We only have a few seconds to get them engaged, so we want to send them the most relevant information based on how they interacted with our site.”

To personalize individual customer interactions in real-time, Omni turned to SmarterHQ. Together, we teamed up to help the international hotel company use behavioral marketing to their advantage. Here’s how we combined strategic timing, customer tracking, and dynamic personalization to convert casual browsers into booking customers:

Booking Abandonment

“One of the reasons SmarterHQ was attractive to us is because they can help us trigger booking abandonment emails earlier in the booking funnel,” said Killough. With their previous vendor, Omni Hotels was only able to trigger these emails at the very end of the funnel, right before a visitor was about to book—when the email was no longer needed.

Omni wanted to get more aggressive in sending campaigns to qualified people, and the SmarterHQ platform provided the capability to identify existing subscribers earlier in the process and trigger Booking Abandonment emails in real-time, before it was too late. Now, if a site visitor punches in dates and lands on a page showing available rates, a personalized email is triggered to encourage the visitor to complete their action. 

By doing this, SmarterHQ's Booking Abandonment emails have produced 202% more revenue and 238% more transactions than their previous campaign.

Booking Abandonment Email Marketing - Omni Hotels

Website Modals

Omni is committed to providing every guest with an exceptional stay. They’re also committed to improving their properties to deliver a world-class experience. With that said, it was especially important to them to communicate to booking customers when certain properties would be under construction during their stay.

SmarterHQ implemented Website Modals to trigger location-based alerts. Now, when a selected Omni property is undergoing a transformation, an alert pops up on their site, warning the user and helping to eliminate confusion or dissatisfaction during their trip.

In an age when negative social media feedback can spread like wildfire, and online reviews greatly influence a customer’s decision to book—95% of consumers read reviews before booking, according to Tnooz—website personalization and transparent communication is a key component to delivering the best service and experience possible.

Next up on Omni and SmarterHQ’s radar? Sending relevant and timely content to future guests via Browse Abandonment emails. These emails are sent within a few hours of visiting the site, featuring dynamic, timely content specific to browsing history and cross-channel behavior. “Not only will they be more real-time,” added Killough, “but the content will be super relevant and capture their attention quickly because they recently browsed similar information.”

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