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Increase Ecommerce Revenue by 20 percent through Real-time Personalized Emails

Onestop provides customized end-to-end ecommerce solutions for retail brands to help bring their client’s multichannel retail visions to life using SmarterHQ as a key part of their overall marketing mix. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Cameron Hendrick, associate director of email and ecommerce marketing at Onestop, to discuss how their SmarterHQ-powered programs have helped drive results for their clients.

Before using SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform, Onestop needed to answer specific questions for its clients involving customer shopping habits. The company needed to find out when and where in the shopping process customers were abandoning and how they could communicate with those shoppers in a meaningful way.

“SmarterHQ has helped us address customers based on the behaviors they exhibit on the website,” said Hendrick. “We are able to dive deeper into the website data to understand what customers are doing and then use those behaviors to send targeted, relevant messages to help us complete the sale.”

Since implementing SmarterHQ’s tactics, Onestop has seen a 20 percent increase in ecommerce revenue from its personalized behavioral emails. This is in part due to time savings from SmarterHQ’s ability to automate the data analysis and campaign sending processes. With this automation piece in place, Onestop can run enhanced automated email marketing campaigns for more than 40 top retail clients with just a five person team.

“The beauty of SmarterHQ is that it gives us the tools to create relevant triggered email programs that are fully automated and dynamic, allowing us to simply let it work its magic,” said Hendrick.

With SmarterHQ, Onestop has also been able to find insights that let them discover behaviors happening on client’s website that they hadn’t been able to target before. Perhaps these insights could have been found with Google Analytics, but they weren’t as apparent as when Onestop used SmaterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform. The company was able to pinpoint high conversion rates among abandonment email campaigns, allowing them to leverage those customers to send additional communications and increase sales.

“SmarterHQ allows us to complete the conversation with shoppers and use the platform as a communication tool to trigger messaging, saving our team time and delivering results,” said Hendrick.