New Forrester report shows retail growth, but stagant Customer Experience


In April 2017, The Atlantic wrote an inclusive article on retail’s imminent death citing nine large brands that filed for bankruptcy, which nearly surpassed the total of retail bankruptcies for all of 2016. In the wake of an economic depression, it didn’t seem retail could recover. The...

SmarterHQ Launches Application that Enables Marketers to Increase Customer Engagement in Real-Time, Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace


SmarterHQ uses email triggers to help marketers personalize customer interactions through integration to Oracle Marketing...

NRF estimates 4% increase in 2017 holiday sales


The National Retail Federation (NRF) released its annual predictions for retail holiday sales for 2017. Higher than the 2016 predictions at 3.6 %,...

Smarter Spotlight

Smarter Spotlight: Why Millennials Prefer Price Reduction Alerts


In our last edition of Smarter Spotlight, we switched our focus from eCommerce to the financial services industry to discuss how they can utilize a...

Five Behavioral Marketing Campaigns for Quick ROI


Website and email are usually the first touchpoints customers have with a brand, so it’s crucial to make a lasting first impression. By...

Millennials Didn't Kill the Mall


Even bigger than the baby boomers, there are more than 92 million millennials living in the United States today. They grew up in a digital world,...

Customer Success

H.H. Brown kicks Customer Experience into High Gear


In a recent poll, 50% of marketers said their biggest challenge when trying to engage customers in real-time is adequate staff and resources. For...

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