Behavioral Marketing campaigns to Win Cyber Week 2017


Brands are beginning to set up holiday interactions and triggers to engage customers in more personalized, unique ways than ever before. And, it’s a step that shoppers say they want. According to our millennial survey, more than 70% of shoppers want retail brands to use their browsing and...

Best Practices

Banking Email Form Abandonment Timing


According to Peter Wannemacher, Senior Analyst at Forrester, abandon rates for online banking applications are at an all-time high of 97.5%. To...

Smarter Spotlight

Smarter Spotlight: How Product Recommendations Convert Loyal Customers


In our last edition of Smarter Spotlight, we shared how the largest generation, millennials, engage with price reduction alerts for your brand that...

The Amazon Report: Consumers Share How Your Brand Can Win Them Back


The last ten years of retail have been turbulent. Half of the Fortune 500 companies we know have disappeared, and retail brick-and-mortar locations...

Forrester releases vendor landscape for real-time interaction management


Rusty Warner at Forrester authored research on real-time interaction management (RTIM) for B2C companies, identifying three key takeaways that we...

New Forrester report shows retail growth, but stagant Customer Experience


In April 2017, The Atlantic wrote an inclusive article on retail’s imminent death citing nine large brands that filed for bankruptcy, which...

SmarterHQ Launches Application that Enables Marketers to Increase Customer Engagement in Real-Time, Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace


SmarterHQ uses email triggers to help marketers personalize customer interactions through integration to Oracle Marketing...

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