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Smarter Spotlight: Personalizing Your Blast Email Sends

Batch-and-blasts are still the bread and butter of many email marketing strategies. But the same-old method of sending the same messages to everyone isn’t making waves for brands like it used to. That’s because customers have come to expect email content catered to their shopping habits versus generic communications.

Blast sends aren’t necessarily a dying strategy, but there is a way to further personalize the content in these emails to better connect with those engaging with your brand. At SmarterHQ, we call these campaigns “Personalized Blast Sends”—and they’re driving awesome results for our clients (more on that below).

Here are some helpful tips on getting started with personalized blast sends and more on why it matters in the first place:

Why personalized mass marketing?

In a recent SmarterHQ report, 70% of millennials surveyed were most frustrated by brands sending irrelevant emails. Instead, they said they prefer to receive personalized emails offering information such as recommended products based on their interests. Furthermore, 87% of shoppers actually admit to buying more when they receive personalized messages from brands. And with 44% of customers purchasing from Amazon’s product recommendations, personalization is also key to keeping up with the competition.

Personalized Blast Sends allow marketers to still send to their entire email list and get the most out of their campaign content, while also showing individualized content in that same email to particular customers who have engaged with your brand at varying levels in-store and online. In short, personalizing your blast sends will make your mass emails more timely and relevant to consumers—giving them more of the content they actually want to see and in return driving better results for you.

For our clients, these strategies have produced a significant increase in revenue, click-through rates, and conversion compared to customers receiving non-personalized blasts. Such results include a 50% above-average open rate and 80% above-average click-thru rate with the implementation of personalized blasts.

Ways to personalize your mass marketing sends.

So how do we personalize mass marketing sends at SmarterHQ? First, our platform goes to work doing what it does best: tracking site interactions and behaviors and tying them to customer identities for real-time personalization. Then, we typically incorporate dynamic content into blast sends in a few ways:

1. Product Recommendations

Product recommendations show customers previous or similar products to the ones they’ve interacted with. These recs are added to your existing sends as a module, and placement can vary based on your templating structure.

With a module, the content curation piece is done for you—no need for new graphics because it pulls product imagery directly into the existing email. We typically find that 3-4 products across works well, and if a customer does not have previous data collected for content, the module collapses so they see the standard messaging only.

2. Recently Browsed or Carted Items

Like product recs, mass marketing sends can be further customized to individuals who open the email based on their engagement history. These items are added as a module within your email, showcasing recently browsed or carted items to help make it easier for the customer to pick up where they left off and complete their purchase.

3. Merchandised Content

In addition to highlighting product recs and items browsed or carted, we can feature merchandised content to highlight your newest products, rotate top-sellers by category, and help move excess inventory. This dynamic content is also incorporated as an add-on feature within your existing blast sends.

4. Whole Email Send

While going this route may call for a few fresh sets of creative, it can be highly effective to target specific audiences based on user interactions. By identifying customers who have viewed, carted, or purchased certain brands, items, or categories on your site, you can then segment and send branded marketing messages featuring recommendations to certain groups of people, ensuring they’re getting the message most relevant to them.

So, for example, if you find that a core group of customers favor some brands on your site or in-store over others, you can make sure to personalize their email blasts just a little more with relevant messaging and imagery.

Grow the personalization possibilities.

Once you’re leveraging this data accurately and effectively, there are so many other ways Personalized Blast Sends can be used to further understand and engage your customers to drive conversion. A few of our favorites include personalized subject lines, as well as implementing content blocks pertaining to certain personas within your mass emails.

For instance, once you’ve distinguished the female customers from the male, you can pop in content modules the same way you’d pop in product recommendations to better cater to these two distinct audiences. It’s such a small-but-mighty adjustment—even just a little personalization like this can go a long way in letting your customer know you care about their preferences.

Implement personalized blasts stat.

We get it: Batch-and-blasts can often be cheaper and easier to implement, especially if your team doesn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to segmentation and personalization. However, it really pays off to understand the capabilities of your ESP and all of the incredible data you can use from SmarterHQ to enhance your overall email marketing strategy.

Yes, it may be a bit more work, but in the long run, brands must prioritize personalization and put forth the effort for additional content if they truly want to create successful business strategies and build a better customer experience. There are tons of tools out there to help make personalization and behavioral marketing a breeze—and that’s where you can find SmarterHQ.

Oh, and one more thing I can’t leave without stressing: To ultimately reach (and better yet, surpass) your goals and increase customer loyalty, you’d want to implement these personalized mass marketing campaigns in addition to price reduction alerts, targeted sales series, cart/browse abandonment triggers, etc. Luckily we can help with all of that, too.

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