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Smarter Spotlight: 3 Pro Tips for a Personalized Welcome Series

Last week on Smarter Spotlight, we discussed how to optimize your website for conversion using Geo-targeting. This week, we’re going to talk first impressions and how to ensure you’re making the most of your Welcome Series. 

 A wise man once said “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” With Millennials lack of brand loyalty and an increasing amount of distractions, this couldn’t be more true today. Brands have a short window to impress their customers, and this short amount of time is pertinent in building a lasting relationship with new visitors. In fact, welcome messages typically have 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of bulk mailings.
This is why it’s so important to have an effective, streamlined Welcome Series. Think of your Welcome Series as an introduction to your brand and your email program-- a way to acknowledge your new customers and show them appreciation for their business. You should treat these customers as individuals, serving them personalized content and offers to build the foundation of your relationship. Not to mention, engaging your new or prospective customers when their propensities to open, interact and purchase from you are at their highest levels will start that communication off on the right foot.
If you’re not sure where to begin, we can provide some guidance. Here are a few pro tips to ensure you’re making the most of your Welcome Series, as well as some creative examples for inspiration.

Expand your welcome email into a welcome series

When someone opts in as a subscriber, you know they’re interested in your brand. Capitalize on this customer engagement! By creating a 2-3 drip campaign, you have the opportunity to introduce your new subscriber to the brand,  offer incentives to purchase, and set expectations for further communication and the types of offers and products they will be receiving. It’s also an opportunity to educate them on your loyalty program, website features and in-store events.

Trigger your first welcome email in real-time

On average, real-time welcome emails have a significantly higher open, click and transaction rates when compared to bulk welcome emails. Try to send your first welcome message as soon as possible, or immediately after a new customer opts into your email program to get the best engagement.

Our in-house data modeling shows that for many retailers, the more recently a customer has purchased, the likelier they are to purchase again. Keep the timing tight and send daily mailings as opposed to weekly and monthly mailings. The sooner the better!

Differentiate between customers who have purchased and not yet purchased

Welcome emails can be triggered by a customer’s subscription to an email program or as a result of their first purchase. It’s important to distinguish between the two, and message accordingly. For example, if a customer subscribes to your email program without making a purchase, they may want to learn more about your brand, offers, and products, so it’s important to include this information within the email. Whereas a customer who has already made a purchase is more likely to purchase again, so including product recommendations based on their previous browse and purchase behavior is the more optimal strategy.

Also, establish the connection to your customer by mentioning the source of acquisition, and ask for their preferences. For example, maybe they didn’t know they were opting into your email program and want to adjust how often they receive your promotional emails. Giving them options is a great way to build trust with your brand.

There are countless routes a customer can take after receiving their initial welcome email. Keep their decision-making process simple and focused by giving them direction and paving the path for them. By leveraging their previous browse and purchase activity where available, you can provide them with unique messaging and relevancy from the first touch.
That’s it for our Smarter Spotlight: Welcome Series edition. Hopefully you found it helpful! If you want to learn more on welcome series or other email marketing campaigns, check out our Playbook or request a demo today.
Next up on Smarter Spotlight, we will talk all things Browse Abandonment. See you then!