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Smarter Spotlight: How Product Recommendations Convert Loyal Customers

In our last edition of Smarter Spotlight, we shared how the largest generation, millennials, engage with price reduction alerts for your brand that can increase revenue by a dollar or more per email. This week, we’ll talk about why product recommendations are a key trigger that can help build brand loyalty with the more than 92 million millennial shoppers this holiday season and beyond.

There is a positive correlation between brand loyalty and product recommendations. Our recent millennial survey found that while only 6.5% of millennials classified themselves as loyalists to a specific brand, when they received personalized messaging catered to their buying preferences that figure jumped to 28%.

And, when items go on sale, more than half of millennials love to get notifications that products they’ve previously reviewed are available at a lower price. Product recommendations shown during onsite engagement and in email triggers can help shoppers make decisions about purchases without having to search for long hours to find what they need. Shoppers on Amazon appreciate this feature, and you can build the same loyalty.

These recommendations shouldn’t be based on intuition, but rather purchase trends of similar shopper behavior. Brand marketers should provide products consistent with purchase trends centered around products with which shoppers recently interacted, after all, the overall goal should be conversion. Marketers can focus on sharing complimentary products or alternative options for the shopper. The introduction to a new category may increase breadth of engagement with that consumer.

With more targeted product recommendations, shoppers click through to the website, browse and purchase at a higher rate. On average, customers who click on product recommendations have a 5.5 times higher conversion rate than those who do not.

The difference between other platforms and SmarterHQ is our use of real-time consumer data based on the actual views and purchases of any and all shoppers interacting with your brand online and in-store. If a specific product is typically purchased in conjunction with another, but a shopper only purchased one of the items, marketers can trigger a product recommendation campaign featuring the second item even if the shopper themselves never viewed the item.

We offer a holistic view of consumers so you can work to personalize and engage consumers regularly. Not only will your shoppers thank you and become more likely to shop with you again, but your revenue will increase. 

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