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Smarter Spotlight: Mop-up Engaged Abandoners During Sale Events

One of our favorite ways to help clients engage with customers is through what we like to call “mop-up” campaigns. Maybe you’re picturing a grocery store mess in aisle four and a supermarket employee with a squeegee, but these email campaigns are some of the most effective campaigns for brands to target highly engaged consumers during a sale period. Consumers are drowning in promotional emails regardless of the time of year. When asked, consumers said they would prefer to see 1-3 marketing emails from brands in one month. It’s up to marketers to carefully choose when to contact customers and what kind of content to include to drive the most impactful results. Your customers will thank you!

So...what’s a mop-up email campaign?

“Mop ups” are email campaigns in partnership with sale or promotion with messaging designed to communicate a sense of urgency for consumers to come back to your website to purchase items they browsed heavily, carted multiple times, or carted and abandoned during the event. These campaigns are created using historical behaviors to build targeted audience segments for consumers who engaged more than once or twice within a set period of time.

Do I need to change my email creative? 

Unlike sale notifications or a sales series, mop-up email creative contains the exact items consumers viewed or abandoned accompanied by a reminder to use the discount offered during the promotional period that recently ended. When brands offer the same discount to highly engaged customers even though the sale is long gone, it demonstrates to consumers how important they are to you, and that you were paying attention to the products they liked most. See how Kate Spade New York accomplished this during Cyber Monday this year below this post. These types of campaigns can also include alternative check-out options, or recommendations for similar products from your brand. And, you’ll see great results.

What kind of results should I expect?

Running mop-up campaigns specifically as part of your regular, monthly marketing calendar after promotions can generate the same revenue per email as a typical cart abandonment campaign. The best part? It keeps customers coming back and checking in for more relevant deals. Our clients see 49% open rates and 12% click-through rates regularly with mop-up campaigns.

Other results include:

  • An upscale department brand introduced a targeted sale promotion for Cyber Monday and experienced the highest last click revenue they’d seen yet.
  • A high fashion retailer generated 58% of their triggered email revenue through sale promotions with half through a targeted promotional send and the other half through a cart mop-up. These programs alone drive $5.00+ in revenue per email - as high as some cart abandonment programs.

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