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Smarter Spotlight Series: Retail

As consumers are becoming ever more distracted and their attention spans are getting shorter, personalization has become table stakes for any brand that wants to build and engage with a loyal customer base. With 52 percent of Fortune 500 companies disappearing in the last 5 years, and retail bankruptcies increasing year over year by 24 percent, marketers need to find a way to engage their customers in the right moment with the right message. Brands that are setting themselves up for future success are implementing behavioral marketing campaigns that takes personalization one step further by tying together all channels to get a holistic view of the consumer to power messages in real-time, and then applying predictive analytics to determine future needs of the individual – which will maximize the likelihood of conversion and keep the customer coming back. 

We like to think of ourselves as experts in behavioral marketing. We work with big brands such as Kate Spade, Finish Line, Bloomingdale's, and more to power behavioral marketing - and we have so many great examples of behavioral marketing campaigns that we are spilling the goods in our Smarter Spotlight series. Throughout this series, you will find examples, creative strategy, average results and tips for behavioral marketing campaigns for retail marketers to drive conversions and bring shoppers back to your site and stores repeatedly.

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Hungry for more? We created a Retailers Playbook to Behavioral Marketing so that you have all of these campaigns at your fingertips. All you need now is a behavioral marketing platform and you're set!