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SmarterHQ Expands Product Recommendation Capabilities

New features enable marketers to automate curated and personalized products to consumers using behavioral marketing software

INDIANAPOLIS (March 20, 2017) SmarterHQ, the leading multi-channel behavioral marketing platform, today announces the expansion of its SmarterHQ Recommendations capabilities. The company’s latest update generates product recommendations based on real-time, individual consumer behaviors.

SmarterHQ combines customer data from online and offline sources to paint a full picture of each customer and their shopping behaviors. Using SmarterHQ Recommendations, marketers can automate relevant product suggestions based on both the historical understanding of the customer as well as their current behaviors.

“Shoppers have the highest level of engagement and conversion when provided with hyper-personalized content,” said Jason Fordham, vice president of product for SmarterHQ. “With our expansion of recommendations capabilities marketers can consolidate more of their marketing stack through a single solution, ultimately saving money and providing better results, such as increased conversions and engagement.”

According to Forrester’s March 2017 report, The Top Retail Technologies To Watch In 2017, “personalization is a top priority for customer-obsessed firms.” The report also states that “personalization investments include systems of insights that capture and organize customer data and that deliver personalized customer experiences.”

Using SmarterHQ Recommendations, brands have always been able to automate merchandised product recommendations such as best sellers, featured items, on-sale items and more. With the additional capabilities, users can now include products personalized to the individual customer based upon past purchase history or a specific product ID.

“Our product recommendations use machine learning algorithms to create individualized sets of recommendations based on a customer’s unique behavioral profile and actions in any channel,” said Dean Abbott, co-founder and chief data scientist at SmarterHQ. “What sets our solution apart is algorithmic efficiency--we can scale our recommendations to extremely large datasets and deliver product recommendations in real-time.”

Recognized within the industry for their expertise in email and web campaigns, SmarterHQ empowers marketers and e-commerce professionals to understand and respond to customer interactions in real-time based on their online and in-store behavior. The company will be demonstrating SmarterHQ Recommendations at Shoptalk in Las Vegas this week.

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