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SmarterHQ’s Customer Identity Resolution Enables Marketers to Unify Customer Engagement Across Multiple Devices & Channels

New Offering Provides Complete Connection of Unique Consumer Behavior So Marketers Can Recognize Them & Send Relevant Messages

INDIANAPOLIS, February 26, 2018 – While personalization is often described as critical by B2C marketers in order to create a loyal customer base, most consumers feel they’re missing the mark. Making this even more challenging for marketers is the fact that in the next three years, Cisco forecasts there will be up to 13 networked devices and connections per person; therefore, identifying a customer and connecting their behaviors across all channels is a harrowing task. To help marketers better understand who individual customers are and their preferences, SmarterHQ, the leading multichannel behavioral marketing platform, today launched Customer Identity Resolution, a framework that provides brands a comprehensive connection of a customer’s engagement with them across multiple identifiers, devices and channels so the brand can recognize them and send the right message. 

The new offering enables marketers to tie together the behaviors and engagement patterns of specific, individual consumers that the marketer can then act on by sending relevant and personalized marketing messages – even if customers are using multiple, different contact points. Customers no longer interact with brands in a single, easily trackable way that makes it simple to recognize who they are and message to them. Customer Identity Resolution is the connective tissue between all of these points that clarifies addressability and consistency throughout the customer lifecycle. Even if a customer hasn't been recently engaged with a brand causing traditional tracking methods to fail, the next time they make themselves known, SmarterHQ's Customer Identity Resolution can recognize them and connect their current interactions to previous behaviors and help marketers take action rather than starting from scratch.

“Marketers have made tremendous strides over the past two years in bridging the gap between the physical and digital experiences, but are struggling to keep up with the myriad of ways that customers are interacting with their brand - from home assistants to mobile devices to multiple email addresses and logins,” said Michael Osborne, CEO of SmarterHQ. “Consumers are demanding a personalized experience – and those marketers that cannot offer this will annoy consumers with irrelevant messages. And if a consumer feels like they’re part of a generic marketing initiative, they will quickly disengage with the brand. However, smart marketers are implementing behavioral marketing campaigns that takes personalization one step further by tying together all channels to get a holistic connection of the consumer behavior to power messages in real-time. Our Customer Identity Resolution makes this possible – and will maximize the likelihood of conversion and keep the customer coming back.”

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