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H.H. Brown Kicks Customer Experience into High Gear

In a recent poll, 50% of marketers said their biggest challenge when trying to engage customers in real-time is adequate staff and resources. For brands like H.H. Brown, software automation is more important now than ever before when dealing with this problem.

Nathaniel Hinds, Vice President of Operations for H.H. Brown’s eCommerce Division sees software automation tools like SmarterHQ as the future of marketing. With numerous brands under the H.H. Brown umbrella, SmarterHQ has become an integral part of their current and future digital marketing efforts.

Prior to working with SmarterHQ, H.H. Brown used a manual and complex process to deploy a few personalized campaigns but instead relied primarily on batch and blast emails. Because the process was time consuming, they were missing out on opportunities to drive revenue and customer loyalty. That’s why he turned to SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform to allow H.H. Brown to not only automate personalized messages, but also deliver them in real-time.

“We were up and running fast. We chose SmarterHQ because of their integration with our ESP, Cheetah Digital,” says Nathan. “And also because SmarterHQ’s Client Success team is one of the best in tech. They recommend creative and strategic solutions and are always willing to go the extra step.”

H.H. Brown uses the platform for brands Shoeline, Born, Sofft, Geox and Nurse Mates to run several campaigns with SmarterHQ: cart abandonment drips, checkout abandonment drips, category browse, generic browse, product recommendations and sale mop ups. With their current programs, H.H. Brown has seen a 41% increase in unique open rates across all campaigns, a 22% increase in open click-through rates and a $2.88 increase in revenue per email.

“With SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform, we know where every single visitor comes from and how they’re engaging with our website. Because of this, we know exactly how and when to message to a customer to get them to convert - and we can set it up to run automatically,” said Nathan.

In the future, H.H. Brown plans to extend these campaigns to the rest of their brands, as well as increase the amount of campaigns they’re running for each brand. If you want to learn more about H.H. Brown and the SmarterHQ partnership, check out our recent webinar.