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Make a Splash This Summer With SmarterHQ

Personalization. Customer data platforms. Omnichannel marketing. Identity resolution. There are many labels out there, and while they may spark different conversations, they’re all centered around the same thing: improving the customer experience—and simplifying the ways in which brands make that happen.

At SmarterHQ, that's what we’ve set out to do from the start. We exist to make it easier for marketers to automate the most optimized experiences for each customer. And today we offer more capabilities for our clients to achieve this than ever before.

You may have noticed we’ve been making a splash this summer, ahead of the holidays, with a series of product launches expanding our core data activation and content automation capabilities. They include:

Profile Data Collect

Easily collect CRM, persona, loyalty, internal modeled scores, and other key customer data directly in our platform, and coordinate profile data with online and offline behavior to power cross-channel personalization based on persona, membership, loyalty. Learn more >

App Data Collect

Expand the reach and relevance of your cross-channel campaigns by incorporating app behavior, and combine app, web, and offline data sources into a single customer profile to automate adaptive content based on mobile activity. Learn more >

Mobile Push Personalization

Automate dynamic messages for your most engaged customers via mobile push, and coordinate push with email and web to ensure the most relevant content is being sent to the right customer on the right channel. Learn more >

Ad Personalization

Connect the highly targeted audiences created in our platform directly with Facebook and Google Ads, and leverage SmarterHQ’s first-party predictive models and engagement scores to acquire and retain more customers via ad platforms. Learn more >

Wishlists & Favorites

Collect customers' wishlist interactions alongside products viewed, carted, and purchased, and easily identify audiences who have favorited products in specific categories or brands to automate highly personalized messaging. Learn more >

There’s more to come from SmarterHQ, because as consumer expectations and tech innovation continue to evolve, so do we. Let’s dive into more data and channels, together.