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Value City Furniture Increases Shopping Cart Abandonment Revenue by 283%

When we first started working with Value City Furniture, they expressed the growingly common retail need to move towards an omni-channel experience for their customers. The typical purchase cycle for furniture retailers has witnessed an evolution in which customers are utilizing showrooms for window shopping and waiting until they’re in front of their computers to begin making their final selections. Steve Haffer, CIO of American Signature (parent company of Value City Furniture), recognized that “In ‘Big Ticket’ retail, a singular view of the customer that is agnostic of channel is essential.”

 SmarterHQ helped bridge that gap for Value City Furniture by collecting every shed of consumer behavioral data to identify a segment of shoppers who were highly engaged online, but had not yet made a purchase. Once this segment was created, they launched an automated, personalized shopping cart abandonment program to target these audiences over time. In just a few weeks, they were able to capture 283% more revenue through their SmarterHQ-powered cart abandonment program than their previous program was able to in months. To read more on SmarterHQ powered campaigns, check out our Email Marketing Playbook for eCommerce.

Steve commented that, “Engaging our online shopper with this type of highly relevant, personalized content creates buyers in both the online and offline worlds.” With the quick success of the shopping cart abandonment program, Value City Furniture is already eyeing its next customer-intelligence-fueled, behavioral campaigns, as it pushes forward in its mission to deliver omni-channel consistency and continuity.