Leading brands rely on SmarterHQ for triple-digit growth.



Prior to SmarterHQ, Bloomingdale’s used internal tech solutions batched together to power its email program. To increase reach and conversions, Bloomingdale’s sought the help from our behavioral marketing platform to drastically improve existing campaigns while also powering new, more sophisticated ones.

As a result of using SmarterHQ, Bloomingdale’s increased email-driven revenue by nearly 50% from 2014 to 2016

Targeted audience segments can be pulled in seconds, versus days or weeks before SmarterHQ deployment

The retail brand collected five times as many emails using onsite collection modals with SmarterHQ compared to previous modals


18x return on investment

"Getting started was easy... Within no time we were seeing an increase in conversions, and our behaviorally automated campaigns have only grown more sophisticated over time. They’re the last thing that we’d consider cutting from our bottom line."

Sean Duffy

VP of Customer Loyalty and Contact Strategy, Bloomingdale's

"Our success with SmarterHQ has come from really paying attention to what the customer is telling us through their behavior and being considerate of how they engage with the brand across all the channels. From there, we can continue the conversation in the appropriate way."

Aaron Buchanan
Digital Personalization Manager

"I love the easy ability to get list created and how they are directly put into ExactTarget. It's a really helpful seamless process. It also helps to have a great account rep who is always on top of getting the list in a short time period."

Paige Gaines
CRM Marketing Manager

"SmarterHQ has helped increase our email marketing revenue by creating a fast track to employing personalized marketing tactics in our program. We’re able to recognize the benefits immediately, with minimal effort, while building out our grander personalized marketing strategy."

Nathan Casey
Director, Loyalty & Relationship Marketing
"Beware of flashy sales pitches from their competitors, I went through four different options before deciding on SmarterHQ. The ability to segment and send highly personalized emails would never be possible without SmarterHQ. We were ROI positive within six months of launch!"

Travel & Hospitality

Customers looking to book a vacation are not immune to distractions: they abandon bookings 82% of the time. Frequently, travel and hospitality brands target customers in the very last stage of the booking process but that makes it difficult to uniquely interact with customers to educate and inform prior to purchase. SmarterHQ puts control into marketers’ hands, providing them important data to engage with consumers early and accurately.

Leverage browsing behaviors for specific travel destinations

Decrease booking abandonment with real-time, personalized messaging

Utilize year over year data to message trip recommendations to seasonal travelers

Financial Services

Financial services brands can easily incorporate a highly impactful strategy to re-engage visitors that need extra prompting. These customers have a 97.5% form abandonment rate, and that continues to increase. Behavioral marketing allows marketers to automate responsive emails and website triggers that are based on real-time activity.

Target customers who stopped before finishing a mortgage application

Educate customers with real-time messaging about new checking accounts

Say “hello” to new customers with a customized welcome series