How DSW Drives Loyalty With Compelling Omnichannel Experiences

Since opening their first store in the early ‘90s, DSW has become a leading footwear and accessories retailer with over 550 stores in the U.S. and Canada and a strong digital presence. Over the years, retail’s constant innovation and competition has left other discount shoe brands in the dust, but DSW’s ability to understand and evolve with their customers’ needs has kept them in the game—and their highly personalized omnichannel approach has made all the difference.

Join DSW and SmarterHQ as we cover:

  • How DSW created a customer-centric organization.
  • Digital and in-store strategies to improve cross-channel personalization.
  • How DSW deepens and retains relationships with their VIP loyalty members.
  • Their advice for creating compelling, consistent customer experiences.


Erica Hermosilla
Sr. Manager of CRM & Loyalty
Michael Osborne
CEO & President

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