Forrester Report - Q4 2018

For B2C Marketers, Customer Data Platforms Overpromise and Underdeliver

Simplicity Isn’t Enough to Solve Complex Marketing Challenges

Customer data platforms (CDPs) offer an alluring pitch of centralizing disparate data. But for many enterprise B2C marketers, Forrester states that “CDPs are a Band-Aid solution to a much larger challenge… Data has become bigger, faster, and more complex, and marketers have to activate it on more channels.” 

That’s where SmarterHQ comes in, providing much more than what a CDP can. We leverage identity resolution and cross-channel execution capabilities to allow marketers to not only unify all of their customer data—but activate it in real-time. 

This Forrester report takes a closer look at:

  • The current capabilities of CDPs.
  • Their shortcomings to solve for identity resolution, data hygiene, and cross-channel execution.
  • Why marketers should choose the right vendor that allows for data activation and automation and provides more than just data collection.

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