Forrester Report - Q3 2019

Marketers, Stop Sacrificing Long-Term Goals For Short-Term Wins

In their latest report, Forrester discusses the implications that constantly pushing offers and promotions can have on brand perception and loyalty. While such tactics quickly boost sales, they make marketing messages and channels less efficient and effective over time, and they attract low-value customers who view brands as cheap, easy to attain, and replaceable.

Read this report for:

  • The challenges brands must overcome to break out of "short-termism" and how to combat them.
  • The most actionable ways to tackle short- and long-term objectives to drive business growth.
  • The metrics, tools, reports, and stakeholders needed to properly design, measure, and execute a balanced marketing plan.

Read the Report:

Marketers, Stop Sacrificing Long-Term Goals For… | SmarterHQ