2020 Retail + Travel Predictions: Where to Go From Here

Long before COVID-19 hit, Forrester cautioned industry leaders to “get ready for yet another tumultuous year in 2020.”¹ Though they couldn’t have possibly known just how true that statement would become, they were already preparing for a new decade filled with great uncertainty, sweeping changes, and alternate ways in which brands would need to position themselves for long-term growth and profitability.

Join SmarterHQ and our guest, Brendan Witcher, VP/Principal Analyst, Digital Business Strategy at Forrester, as we cover:

  • Top predictions and investments that will help Retail and Travel & Hospitality industries adapt and drive growth amidst a global health crisis.
  • Insights and examples from leading brands on the strategies they’re leveraging to recover key customers and lost sales.
  • What to expect from consumer behavior in the coming months/year and how to pivot your marketing priorities accordingly.


Brendan Witcher
VP/Principal Analyst, Digital Business Strategy
Kara Holthaus
VP of Client Services

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