Email Deliverability Best Practices in the Age of GDPR

with Matthew Vernhout, Director of Privacy and Industry Relations, 250ok

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Matthew Vernhout
Director of Privacy and Industry Relations, 250ok

Steven Tracy
Director of Campaign Services, SmarterHQ

What's it about...

GDPR sent a shockwave through the digital marketing world. Many marketers felt pressured or scared into completely overhauling their email programs to stay compliant, but many best practices already set up marketers for GDPR success.

In this webinar, 250ok and SmarterHQ review how GDPR has changed the email landscape and what you can do to positively impact deliverability—proving that GDPR isn’t the marketing death-sentence many feared it would be.

What you'll learn...

  • How GDPR has affected email deliverability and the concerns it has raised so far.
  • What the legislation truly means to email marketers, including what action is required and what is not.
  • Expert advice on deliverability best practices, including triggered and behavioral email tips, subject line optimization, consent models, and opt-in strategies.