How H.H. Brown Engages Customers Using Behavioral Marketing

with Nathaniel Hinds, Vice President of Operations, H.H. Brown Shoe Company

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Nathaniel Hinds
Vice President of Operations, H.H. Brown Shoe Company

Patrick Wall
Client Success Director, SmarterHQ

What's it about...

With hyper-personalization and behavioral data at the forefront of every marketer’s mind this year, we are featuring one of the world’s top brands to share insights on why behavioral marketing has become necessary to engage customers. 

Supporting 17 shoe brands under the H.H. Brown umbrella, Nate Hinds, VP of Operations, has limited time and resources. Nate turned to behavioral marketing to automate real-time messages that bring in additional revenue so he can focus on other aspects of the company. During this webinar, he will highlight how he utilizes behavioral marketing for brands like Shoeline, Born and Sofft Shoes, and why it’s so effective in creating truly personalized experiences for customers.

What you'll learn...

  • Why H.H. Brown thinks behavioral marketing is necessary for engaging customers
  • How H.H. Brown has increased revenue and customer lifetime value with SmarterHQ
  • Strategic and creative examples for behavioral marketing campaigns