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Tweet Emotion: the Future of Omni-Channel Marketing

Every day, we enable and push top retailers to tune into the opinions, preferences and behaviors of their customers and key audiences. Over the past few months, we’ve employed the same strategy in an effort to uncover insights about where real marketers think omni-channel marketing and the retail industry are headed.

We took to Twitter (where fluff falls by the wayside thanks to the 140-character limit) to ask marketers in the trenches three essential questions:

  1. What’s on the horizon in the marketing tech space?
  2. What’s the next big thing in digital or cross-channel marketing?
  3. What do marketers want?

Some of the answers we received were chuckle-worthy (“mind control”), while others were practical (“bigger teams”). The majority of responses centered on a handful of consistent themes. Here are some key takeaways from our ongoing Twitter focus group:

  • 1 in 4 respondents mentioned the necessity for continued attention to mobile adaptability across all channels, citing growth in mobile searches and advents in beacon technology
  • 17% identified the need better integrate marketing channels and remove silos that hinder visibility across their brand
  • 13% of respondents posed that better measurement and reporting, paired with clearer attribution, will increasingly drive and validate decision making in the future
  • 10% specifically forecasted a continually increasing emphasis on the integration of social with existing marketing efforts
  • 7% think personalization (already a major focus) will continue to drive top-notch success

Do you agree with the responses we received? Chat with us on Twitter (@SmarterHQ) with your thoughts on cross-channel marketing. For now, we’ll leave you with some of our favorite responses.

@SmarterHQ reaching the connected consumers – anytime, anywhere via integrated marketing, avoiding separated silos — Christina Trampota (@tektalk)May 7, 2015
@SmarterHQ My 2 cents? It’s the fusion of creativity, data & technology, and human experience. Easier said than done 😉 — Dave Birckhead (@DaveBirckhead) May 19, 2015
@SmarterHQ I think that hyper personalization/targeting is going to be critical in the nxt few yrs. People have less time to make decisions. — Hank Hoffmeier (@hankhoffmeier) May 19, 2015
@SmarterHQ Segmentation that provides better insights, seamless data exchange & reporting that doesn’t suck. #TheOracle#DontListenToMe — Grant Simmons (@simmonet) May 21, 2015
@SmarterHQ from the trends, it seems platforms that combine IT and Marketing to deliver insights from Big Data will continue to lead the way — Eric Dunn (@The_Eric_Dunn)May 25, 2015
@SmarterHQ Good ? Next will be tech to help advertisers quickly change channels to find audiences more efficiently. Real time lead channels. — Cordell Giesen (@CordellGiesen) May 28, 2015
#Digital #marketers look to help audiences create & share experiences. It’s abt unforgettable moments we create together. Thanks @SmarterHQ! — Katherine R. Dollar (@KRDollar)June 2, 2015
@SmarterHQ Cross channel marketing uses 2+ channels to amplify each other’s effectiveness. Attribution is the science that quantifies it. — Bill Muller (@bill_muller) June 17, 2015
@SmarterHQ Built-in AI: data and predictive models will optimize prospect & customer contacts in digital channels, then in all channels. — Bill Seely (@bill_seely) June 18, 2015
@smarterhq cross-channel data and content platform is a given. On top of that – campaign orchestration/attribution and levels of automation — Brandon Hartness (@bhartness) June 22, 2015
@SmarterHQ Thanks! 1) Every channel as a mobile channel 2) Linking Online/Offline Identity & Behavior 3) Phone Calls are Back 4) Predictive — Paul Rudwall (@prudwall) June 25, 2015
@SmarterHQ Ownership. Of our data to make decisions. Of our customers’ intent so we may refine. — Nathan Ronchetti. (@nronche)June 24, 2015