Marketing in the Age of Hyper-Connectivity

with Liz McLemore, Senior Strategist, Marketing Consulting, Cheetah Digital

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Liz McLemore
Senior Strategist, Marketing Consulting, Cheetah Digital

Kristen Hamerstadt
VP of Marketing, SmarterHQ

What's it about...

Are you in tune with customer behaviors in a hyper-connected, digital world? Today, goldfish have longer attention spans than consumers, so it’s no surprise that 95% of shoppers admit they do other things while shopping.

In our webinar, SmarterHQ and Cheetah Digital discussed all things behavioral marketing and how it’s transformed Tailored Brands’ digital marketing strategy.

What you'll learn...

  • How to significantly increased email lift with behavioral marketing.
  • Examples of automated behavioral messaging.
  • Insights into the consumer landscape & financial implication of not personalizing emails.
  • Steps marketers can take to adopt a digital marketing strategy to fit today’s hyper-connected consumers.